All sanding and concrete grinding machines are dangerous, but the extra power, weight and cutting power of flooring drum sanders and edgers puts them in a class by themselves.

Any machine that can wear a much as 1/16 inch of wood from a floor in a single pass can easily remove part of a finger or toe in a mishap.

Besides this, floor sanding exposes extreme amounts of wood dust and the hazard of inhaling it. Solvent-based floor sealers and finishes constitute another, more serious inhalation hazard. They also are flammable and especially dangerous in the high-dust environment of a floor sanding operation.

Cement dust generated on the floors during the grinding of the concrete floor, is harmful to health. It provokes serious diseases of the respiratory system, skin, eyes and causes allergies.



There is a large shortage of specialists of physical work in field of contracture in USA and Canada. At that same time in a huge industry of construction and interior finishing everybody still uses manual labor, and there is very little progress in robotization. All of that while a shortage of specialists becomes more and more real in this industry and one could wait for a qualified contractor for a few months


According to IFR World Robotics, the growth rate of the industrial robotics market is outpacing the growth rate of global GDP. Industrial robotics is growing at an average rate of 15% per year.

This is due to the global trend of automation of production processes, due to great competition in order to significantly minimize / optimize production costs.



  • robots available 24/7

  • robot cost = 200 hours of work of 1 worker

  • robot payback = 25 days of work of the worker with an 8-hour shift

Prototypes of our robots assembled from manufactured parts.  There is a possibility of their going into production within 10 -12  month.


Using our robot you will get expectable and  repeatable quality for all surfaces


  • faster

  • repeatable quality

  • safe

  • quickly pay off work 24/7



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